Engineered Jewelry meets Wearable Technology

There are those who achieve victory through an unwavering belief in its inevitability. By uniting timeless design, precious materials, uncompromising craftsmanship, and cutting edge technology, Christophe & Co creates ultimate symbols of victory for those fearless individuals who have stopped at nothing to achieve it. 

Designed in Italy

With a heritage that has defined exotic automotive design, Italy has remained on the forefront of creative innovation in this realm. The design idiom strikes a balance between flowing natural curves and attention to intricate details. This, along with dedication to craftsmanship of the highest order made Italy the ideal place to develop the Armills. 

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In developing each model Armill, a top tier design team worked side by side with Christophe & Co in creating a wearable objet d’art that embodies the pinnacle of human achievement. Each individual design element has its own story and the resulting fusion takes shape in a highly sought after collectible icon that reflects both the heritage of the Armills’ origins and the achievements of its wearer. 

The Armills
Feel the Power

The experience of wearing an Armill is both powerful and personal. There is an aura of mystical energy that fuels inspiration. Each one pays tribute to its historic significance dating back more than a thousand years while at the same time embracing the technology and design of present day. The Armills represent a perfect union of old world and new and are precious collectibles that will endure for generations.


Armills (Latin: Armillae) are a type of embellished precious metal cuff bracelet that have been worn for over a thousand years as symbols of heroism in battle and of royal appointment. Since at least the 12th Century they were used as royal insignia and related to symbols of knighthood and gallantry.

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In Ancient Rome, the Armillae were military decorations conferred upon soldiers for acts of valor on the battlefield. In Ancient Egypt, the mighty Pharaohs wore intricately carved gold Armills that were later sent with them to the afterlife. Even in modern times the Royal Armills of England are a part of the royal regalia bestowed upon the sovereign during coronation. The Christophe & Co Armills are their modern incarnation. 

The Collection

The Christophe & Co collection consists of three designs, each of a limited series and featuring varying tiers of personalization. They bear the names of ancient mythical figures whose ethos they are meant to embody. Each Armill is custom fit and is accompanied by its own ‘Vault’; an intricately crafted solid wood case with gold plated embellishments, itself a marvel of craftsmanship. For those who desire something even more unique, one-off pieces are available by special order. 


    In Greek mythology, Apollo was one of the most powerful Olympian deities, symbolizing extraordinary athleticism and great wisdom. Embodying these characteristics, the Apollo Armills represent the pinnacle of the Christophe & Co offering, forming a rare 20-piece limited run. Crafted with over 70 grams of precision 18k solid gold elements and 1500 hand-set micropave diamonds, they feature a mirror polish anthracite ceramic shield, itself requiring 150 hours of polishing. Owners choose from a selection of intricate engraving designs by award winning artist, Maryam Golubeva. Alternatively, family crests or other customized engravings are available on request.  


    Our human ancestors as far back as 38,000 years gazed skyward at the famous constellation Orion, one which represents the legend of an heroic hunter. The Orion Armills are an extraordinary tribute to this fabled huntsman, showcasing a unique combination of advanced materials and artisanal craftsmanship in a 50 piece limited edition. Each one features 57 grams of meticulously crafted 18k gold elements enveloped in a sparkling satin anthracite ceramic shield and 260 channel set diamonds. Orion is a badge of honor for those who have triumphed in their hunt for personal achievement. 


    The third model family, Virtus, is named after the ancient Roman virtue that represented valor, courage, and excellence. The Virtus Armills embody all of these characteristics with an elegant union of old world and new in this 100 piece limited edition. An optional array of glistening diamonds wrapped in gold sheaths (as shown) emanate from the sinuous satin sparkle ceramic. 46 Grams of shining solid 18k white gold elements embellish these beautiful creations. Inspired by the Rosetta Stone, customized miniature engravings in three languages adorn the edges of the ribs of Virtus. For those who have had the courage to persevere against insurmountable odds, Virtus is their trophy. 

A timeless heirloom

The Armills are hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans in Switzerland using the finest materials and methods available. They are amongst the most technically and artistically intricate pieces of high jewelry ever created. The finished creation is a priceless masterpiece without equal. 

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It all starts with the building blocks: rare gems, pure precious metals, and advanced engineered materials, all of which combine to form a symphony of flowing curves and powerful textures. Their design and assembly is so intricate that it was necessary to invent novel techniques and components to achieve the level of precision desired.  Every component of the Armill is a feat of engineering on its own, from the revolutionary engineering and manufacture of the ceramic shield, to the intricate micropavé set diamonds, to the precision carbon fiber inner frame, machined from a solid billet of carbon fibre by a highly specialized British Formula 1 racing workshop.

Wearable Technology

The Christophe & Co Armills are the world’s first functional pieces of high jewelry. They are also the world’s first piece of wearable technology powered by kinetic energy using our patended Kinewear© power system. Their embedded hardware is customized for the functions YOU desire. 

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Whether you want them to be the key to your supercar, a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, or integrated with your smart home, they can do it all and the best part is only you know the functions, each of which is assigned to the diamond buttons.Updates take place over the air and the hardware module itself can be swapped out as we release upgraded versions.



World of Christophe & Co

Owning a Christophe & Co Armill brings with it access to highly exclusive member events and experiences around the world using a dedicated mobile app which securely pairs the Armill to the owner’s mobile phone. An included lifestyle management service is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for just about any request imagined, whether it be tickets to a sold out event, preferred access to rare products, or reservations to top restaurants. 

"I founded Christophe & Co to create a universal symbol of victory for those extraordinary individuals who not only achieve greatness in their own right, but inspire it in others."

Aleksandr Bernhard, Founder & CEO
The Founder

When Aleksandr Bernhard founded Christophe & Co. , it was the culmination of a life spent immersed in the worlds of the arts, design, engineering, and technology. His passion for these disciplines was inspired early on by a family bloodline of inventors, explorers, craftsmen, and artists.

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As a young adult, Aleksandr studied mechanical engineering and classical piano performance at prestigious institutions of higher learning. After graduating, he relocated to northern Italy where he was surrounded by the convergence of a rich cultural history with cutting edge technological innovation; the juxtaposition of which would one day heavily influence his creations.

Although these seeds that would later blossom into Christophe & Co. were planted a decade prior, the inception of the company is owed to a memorable dinner shared with one of the founder’s brothers and company namesake. As they pondered the idea of personal artistic contribution to society, a challenge was issued: To create a meaningful symbol of beauty that represented the pinnacle of human achievement. It was on this momentous evening that the spark of inspiration for Christophe & Co was lit.


"Our commitment to environmental conservation and fair trade remains steadfast. Whether in daily operations or sourcing of materials, we continually strive to ensure that our environmental impact is minimal and that provenance of materials has been fair to those in the chain of custody. We believe that holding ourselves to these standards will be positively reflected in the soul of our finished pieces." - Aleksandr Bernhard 


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